While originally conceived as falling within the discourse of the speculative, Blossomry holds a very liberal view as to what the speculative encompasses. We find that Sonya Taaffe's assessment of the strengths of the speculative to accurately reflect the ethos behind Blossomry:

Speculative poetry, defined however handwavily as a mood or a mode rather than content or context, is deeply tied to boundaries: pushing, blurring, coming into being between. I value the liminal, the polyphonal, the ambiguous and the marginalized; it is not a new thing to transform a story in the telling, but I love that we can now see re-transformations, illuminating and overturning assumptions about the ways in which we receive and interpret all manner of familiar tropes.

In light of this, we do not seek to define nor enforce any particular conception of the speculative, instead allowing each poet themself to decide what the speculative means in the context of their work.

However, we are sticklers regarding a few certain things. Firstly, Blossomry is not a venue for epigrams, aphorisms or adages. Our primary aim is to explore the full potential of the one-line poem, both emotionally and imaginatively. While this certainly does not preclude humor nor laconism, work that undertakes nothing else will be met only with ire. Secondly, remember that one-line poems are not just sentences. Poetry needn't follow the standard rules of grammar, particularly not in so tight a constraint. Be unorthodox with your syntax—surprise us! Thirdly, we only publish one-line poems, meaning that every poem you submit should reasonably be one line in length. However, titles are not lines and are both acceptable and preferred. Lastly, we are a diversity-oriented publication, and as such, we welcome and encourage submissions from a multiplicity of voices and perspectives, particularly those from marginalized and under-represented groups.

Now for the nitty-gritty details. We only accept electronic submissions. Please use our editorial address: editor at blossomry dot com. You may submit up to ten poems per submission. Please wait for a response before supplying us with more. Please use 'SUBMISSION: Author's Name' as the subject line of your submission. If you do not follow this simple request, your submission will NOT be read. We strongly prefer that you paste your poems in the body of the email in plain text. However, if your work has special formatting, you may attach it as a Word, Pages, PDF or RTF file. As unlikely as they may be, we do not accept simultaneous submissions nor unsolicited reprints. We aim to respond to every submission within 30 days. If you have not heard from us after 30 days, please send us a query with 'QUERY: Author's Name' in the subject line.

We currently pay $1 USD per unpublished poem via PayPal or check. We purchase first North American serial rights and first World electronic rights, as well as promotional, non-exclusive anthology and non-exclusive archival rights.

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